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The Power of Time Travel

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

When I was a young woman, I watched the television series called Star Trek. The spaceship captain and his crew members had an important mission: "explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and civilizations and boldly go where no one has gone before.”

Captain Kirk and his crew members traveled to distant planets in a quick and easy way. The ship's teleportation device converted their bodies into energy patterns and beamed them to target locations. Once they arrived at a destination, the energy reverted back to their original bodies.

Like Captain Kirk’s machine, I have a teleportation device as well. My transport is as fast as the speed of light and fairly easy to maneuver. I travel, not to distant planets, but into the past or future on my invisible brainwave mobile. You use this form of transport as well.

Though it is a wonderful way to travel, I recommend you try not to overuse it. Most of the time, I find it best to pay attention to the task of everyday living though sometimes this transport takes me on a trip unexpectedly, unbidden. With experience, I’ve learned to travel safely. Here is a tip. Know how to get back home. Getting lost in past memories or worrying about the future for too long may cause problems. Like touching flypaper or stepping in quick sand, dawdling in either realm of past or future may prevent you from living fully in the present.

Still, I say…take the risk. Boldly traveling in time to the future stimulates your imagination, helps you prepare for and prevent certain problems. Boldly traveling to places you’ve been before can bring you great joy, teach you something, and provide gentle healing. Reflecting on any past experience, in the light of mature perspective, is a form of x-ray vision. You discover gifts you didn’t recognize before.


Memories are like special treasures.

Used properly, without obsession, they bring gifts immeasurable.

Some may be happier than others, but all have a value of their own.

Learn from them. They are part of who you are.

Keep them in a safe place so that they will never be lost.

Carefully and tenderly unveil and appreciate them when needed or desired,

And share them so they may touch the heart of another.

Renew the soul and rekindle the joy that once was,

Yet dwell not so long in the past,

that the beauty of the present goes by unnoticed.

Add new memories to the old,

And life’s richness will be yours.

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