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I love stories. I love learning. I love to write.

I have written stories and musings in notebooks and journals for over thirty years. I write about memorable moments in my life and how they touch me. 

All lives are full of story.

Sharing stories is an excellent path to teaching and understanding ourselves and one another. 

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, I hold a BA in Elementary Education and an MA in Educational Psychology with an emphasis on Understanding Individual Differences and Learning Styles. I have been a teacher for over fifty years, ten with children and over 4 decades with adults. 

As a trained facilitator and a former staff and organization development specialist, I've led numerous professional and personal growth retreats and seminars, working with diverse groups. 

I enjoy helping people find their spark.

I’m the proud mother of two sons, two-stepdaughters and a grandmother of five delightful grandchildren. I live in northern Wisconsin, on a small lake, surrounded by forest and fen. 

My husband Bill and I walk often and enjoy the gifts that nature provides. 

At the age of seventy-five, I’m still ‘feeling the path’ beneath my feet. I invite everyone, and especially those of us on paths later in life, to continue to step out of our comfort zones. We can remain youthful in our hearts and minds by living a creative life, a curious life, discovering gifts along the way.

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