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Making a Difference

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

When I wrote about my sister and how important she was in my earlier post, My Sister Marcia, Part I, I couldn’t help but think of something I wrote several years ago. Though the sight of green leaves may not occur in the Northwoods for a few more weeks, this is true no matter what the season.

Making a Difference

A solitary leaf,

Dancing in the wind,

Glistening with morning dew…

But for its shimmering light,

Flickering in the sun,

One might not have noticed.

One leaf…

Seemingly insignificant,

Yet so important in its contribution to life.

Soaking up magic golden rays,

Transforming its sun-given gift,

Enriching the surrounding environment.

Like the leaf,

We, as individuals.

Influence the world in which we live.

Each effort,

Each singular offering,

Moves us a step closer

To our full potential.

We, too, play a role

In our own

And each other’s growth.



And together…

Make a difference.

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