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Snow Petals

Winter lasts much longer here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin than it does further south. This gives me a generous amount of time to ponder snow. Even now, though Spring has arrived on the calendar and brown earth is currently visible, more snow is in the forecast.

Snow Petals On a Calm Day

Soft and quiet, airy light, tiny crystalline petals,

Uniquely patterned and individual.

Floating, falling, slowly drifting down in a delicate swirling waltz.

White, glassy flakes of intricate design uniting to hide a drab winter world,

Blanketing grays and blacks and browns with clean and frosty white powder.

For a moment, picture perfect, spotless and unspoiled,

The scene purifies my inner senses.

When these snow petals, these crystal web weavings, begin to lose themselves,

Disintegrating, melting, liquifying,

Conceding to the warmth of sun, wind and earth,

They leave in their demise, a nourishing gift of moisture.

Soil softened and nurtured by the gentle touch of snowy sky flowers.

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Apr 12, 2022

Barbara, your choice of words, the depth of feeling and the gracefulness of your prose shine here. I'm so happy you are doing this for us, but mostly for yourself!

Barbara Kane
Barbara Kane
Apr 12, 2022
Replying to

Thank you Susan. It's a nice way to save a memory.

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